Creative Process

The creation of a ceramic work starts with the clay. I take a large lump of clay, and I start to knead it, soften it and prepare it for the wheel. This is the first contact with the clay, and the first step in the creation process.

When the clay is ready, softness and flexibility just right, I sit at the wheel. I start to work, and the clay itself inspires me to create. I love the touch of the clay on the wheel, I love to see and marvel every time at the beauty of the creative process, the way a creation is born.

When the work is ready, it is time to decorate and paint it. The decorations I make are inspired by various sources: African art, nature around me, South American art, and texture of different things in my environment. In fact – anything that interests me can be an inspiration; even a good smell can find its way into the clay. I like to add texture to my work, such as engraving, using stamps, textiles and so on.

The last step, before firing the kiln, is the glazing. The color gives each vessel its distinctiveness and character. The color is the first thing our eye sees when we look at the pottery, so it is very important. Because of the importance of color, I make sure to prepare all my own colors. The colors I work with are all top quality, and are non-toxic because my pots are meant for daily use. I especially love colors that remind me off nature – shades of blue and green like the sky and the water, earth tones of all kinds, red as fire, yellow as saffron.

The final stage is the firing of the ceramics. The firing is done at high temperature (which makes the vessels very durable). In the kiln, the integrations off all the work is completed and the final result is an harmonious blend of clay, shape, decoration and color.